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Do You Know the Benefits of Woodland Glamping?

By September 11, 2020October 19th, 2021No Comments

It’s great outdoors! Glamping or ‘glamorous camping’ has made sleeping surrounded by nature five-stars. Camping is enjoyable but so is a king size bed, a wood burner and a hot tub, and now thanks to glamping, you can escape to the countryside whilst having all of those home comforts. Take away the hassle of putting up a tent, having soggy socks and getting into a sleeping bag and enjoy a hassle-free holiday. Here we have a roundup of the benefits of woodland glamping.

birdholme glampingAll That’s Great About the Outdoors and Indoors Combined

Getting a change of scenery and escaping to the outdoors is just what we all need sometimes. Fresh air, sleeping under the stars, spectacular landscapes and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Camping is the ideal way to do that and it’s since been upgraded to that five-star feeling. Being outdoors is brilliant and glamping combines this with all that is great about the indoors; fully functioning kitchens, comfy sofas, warm water, power showers, hot tubs and much more. Glamping lodges are quite literally a premium hotel surrounded by nature. Treat yourself to all of the comforts of a relaxing hotel getaway but swap the city break for a countryside escape.


It’s Camping Minus the Tent

Leave that old tent of yours, that has mud and grass inside of it from the previous year, at home and indulge in a pre-set glamping lodge. More often than not, when going on a holiday and taking some time out, you want as little fuss as possible and glamping is great for this. With woodland glamping, you can book online and rock up, removing the need to pack the usual camping essentials such as a sleeping bag or a portable stove. Plus, should the weather take a turn for the worst, you can rest assured that with a glamping lodge that has a wood burner you’re guaranteed dry shoes and socks for the next day’s adventure.

Glamping 365 Days a Year

Usually, there is a relatively short window for camping where the evenings are warm and the sunlight sticks around. Although, as glamping offers insulated walls, heating and warm water you can make your outdoor adventure all year round. What’s more, there’s nothing better than the weather being cold outside whilst you keep warm and cosy in a hot tub under the night sky. The outdoors is there to be explored and now thanks to woodland glamping you can connect with nature throughout summer, autumn, winter and spring.

A Budget-Friendly Slice of Luxury

Glamping does come with a price tag, you pay for hotel worthy luxuries, in the centre of a field that is surrounded by wonderful woodland. Although, the fact that you are able to glamp all year round means you can take advantage of low season prices. In addition to this, glamping offers a different kind of holiday. You remove the costs of flying abroad and you have the flexibility to stay for a short weekend break or an extended week-long trip depending on your budget. Take the five-star experience to the outdoors and relax, rewind and reset in idyllic open spaces.

Birdholme Glamping

At Birdholme, we offer a peaceful and hassle-free glamping experience in the breathtaking woodland of Nottingham. We have a variety of boutique accommodation available for friends, family and loved ones all year round. Find out more about our idyllic retreats or to book, get in touch with the Birdholme Glamping team.

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